NHS Education for Scotland successfully move to a simpler system in less than five months

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) is an education and training body and special health board, responsible for supporting NHS services in Scotland.

The Challenge

Tracking targets and risks, as well as allocating and planning budgets, are key challenges for NES. Like other organisations in the public sector, their Integrated Planning and Performance System (IPPS) started out as a single system with one function. However, it quickly mushroomed into an unwieldy, four-part system based on a legacy Oracle platform.

Unifii was called in to help NES simplify and streamline the system, enabling it to add value, rather than frustration.

The Solution

In less than five months – and for a fraction of the original implementation cost of their IPPS – the system (MiTracker) was re-written, streamlined, updated and simplified in ServiceNow.

Key improvements included:

  • Capability to track Performance Improvement Targets against any activity in the system
  • Specific skills and training for NES staff – removing single points of failure
  • Users were able to log in and enter all their updates and actions in one place
  • User notifications, e.g. for actions, changed from a manual process to one driven automatically
  • Accelerated management processes without the need for IT support

The Benefits

  • Management are now able to track an activity’s full lifecycle, including associated targets, target updates, risks, risk actions, costs, controls, and auditing
  • Finance are now able to track all financials securely in one tool
  • Capturing risks (both corporate and operational), risk actions and controls is easier and can be associated to activities or targets when required
  • Simplified auditing process with automated reminders
  • Reporting process for internal and audit purposes has been streamlined

The Future

NES are also now planning MiTracker 2.0, a second phase where they want to take advantage of the new features and upgrades of the ServiceNow release cycles and make the process faster and slicker.

“Working on the MiTracker project has brought various departments together to streamline not only processes but also provided a common language across the platform that will also be rolled into other projects such as JML (Joiners, Mover and Leavers), ultimately saving time and effort by all involved.”

Pete Clarke - NES Lead ServiceNow Developer

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The Unifii TeamNHS Education for Scotland successfully move to a simpler system in less than five months