Unifii head to Vegas

If you weren’t able to join ServiceNow in Las Vegas for Knowledge18, here’s what the Unifii team took away from the four-day event.

Touching down in sunny Vegas, our team joined other ServiceNow partners and customers for Knowledge 2018 – an annual event where attendees learn, connect, and get inspired by ServiceNow visionaries.

This year’s overarching theme was Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the importance of taking an interest in how its adoption is changing the business landscape and expectations from users. As well as improving user experience, AI developments are said to be on track to make ServiceNow an easier and quicker tool to use. Alongside this, the reoccurring topics took a much more platform-wide approach, focusing on:

  • The upcoming release – “London”
  • User experience
  • Making the ServiceNow tool work for you
  • Bringing technology in the workplace to a home-life level

With “over 30,000 collective years of ServiceNow experience gathered at Knowledge18”, our team spent much of their time in and out of keynotes learning more about how to simplify and improve user experience. We were also fortunate enough to see Now Platform features showcased, including:

  • Agent Workspace
  • Flow Designer
  • Application Development
  • Virtual Agent
  • and IntegrationHub

The benefit for our clients is that ServiceNow is moving towards a more people/service focus of the platform. As well as introducing a more consumer-led experience into the service management space, the insights picked up at Knowledge18 have better prepared our team for what’s to come – meaning they are better placed to advise how to navigate your ServiceNow tool so you can place less reliance on developers and code, and instead freeup agent time to focus on more critical work.

If you were thinking about attending this year but couldn’t make it, here are the top reasons why our team think you should go in 2019:

  • Exclusive showcase of upcoming product lines and features
  • Four days of socialising and building connections within the ServiceNow community
  • Meet partners and see their offerings ahead of the market

You can dive into all the keynotes, videos, and interviews that made Knowledge18 the event of the year here.

If you want to regularly check your configuration improvements to ensure your business is “on-track” and not driving towards any major issues as ServiceNow releases are made public, try our no obligation ServiceNow Health Check today and feel confident with your ITSM systems.

The Unifii TeamUnifii head to Vegas
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Improve Customer Service & Increase Automation across the Enterprise

In partnership with ServiceNow, our recent ITSM event was a rare opportunity for attendees to see first hand how ITSM is evolving and what the upcoming ServiceNow releases have in store for the user.

As well as looking at the future of ITSM, the expert-led sessions focused on optimizing performance and accelerating implementation of the ServiceNow platform. We were also joined by Multiplex who delivered an indepth review of their own ServiceNow journey, exploring the biggest challenges and the lessons learnt during their Helsinki integration.

Our host and Director of Unifii, Stephen Mamelok, opened the floor with an introduction to Unifii and the professional and managed services we offer. Touching on technology innovation, Stephen’s opening words led nicely into the first session of the day, ‘The Future of ITSM’ – a session delivered by ServiceNow’s Damien Davis, ITSM Product Management.

The future of ITSM

Damien provided an insight into the ServiceNow ITSM roadmap over the next 18 months. Focusing on the importance of delivering a consumer-led experience for the enterprise, Damien addressed the expectations of the modern worker, looking at how we engage with consumer platforms such as Amazon and Netflix – both providing examples of consumer driven service catalogues and advanced machine learning.

Throughout 2017 ServiceNow acquired a series of companies to assist with the introduction of a ‘consumer-led experience’ into the service management space. These included DX Continuum, Qlue, Telepathy and Skygiraffe – each bringing expertise in either machine learning, virtual agents, digital design and native mobile capability. By bolstering their internal expertise, Damien explained that ServiceNow are focused on developing three key areas:

  • User experience
  • Service intelligence
  • Service experiences

While Damien touched on other exciting developments and news in the ServiceNow space, you’ll need to follow them at Knowledge18 to get the full scoop.

Performance analytics with ITSM

Following on from Damien was James Walters, Solutions Consultant from ServiceNow, delivering a talk on Performance Analytics with ITSM. Opening his session with a quote from the Scottish poet Andrew Lang:

“He uses [data] in the same way a drunkard uses lamp posts… for support rather than illumination.”

James identified that while most customers have implemented performance analytics in their ServiceNow platform, many were underutilising it’s capabilites – with some not using it at all.

Since more analytic solutions for business users are becoming embedded in other core applications (up to 90% over the next 5 years according to a Nucleus Research study), leveraging analytics will soon become an integral part of IT operations.

As explained by James, this will not only create greater visibility, it will deliver real-time insights and provide actionable observations for ServiceNow users. As a result, you’ll be able to:

  • Prioritise resources
  • Improve resolution times
  • Deliver automation and self-service
  • Drive toward continuous service improvement
  • Align services with overall business goals

Unifii accelerated ServiceNow implementation

Following an impressive lunch spread, Myles Molloy, Head of Consulting at Unifii, kicked off the afternoon’s session: ‘Accelerated Implementation’. Drawing on previous client work, Myles described how Unifii helped a client replatform two legacy ITSM platforms onto a single ServiceNow platform.

Myles explained leveraging strong data management principles, senior business support and adoption of scrum and sprints as reasons of the success of the project – since they allowed for early visibility of progress, quick delivery and a collaborative partnership. Overall, the benefits included a successful implementation that enabled and drove business process effiencies, and offered an improved service to distinguish their offering in the market, within 10 weeks from inital kick-off meeting.

Multiplex journey: ‘A good time to reset’

This session was followed by Scott Bailey, who took us through the ServiceNow customer journey of Multiplex where he is Global IT Service Manager. Scott went into detail about how he managed the ServiceNow implementation, placing emphasis on the challenges he faced and the lessons learnt.

Key takeaways include:

  • Work with your partners and invest in the relationship
  • Don’t rush an investment decision
  • Use an RFP Process – competiton is a good thing!
  • NowForum’s and networking events are valuable​
  • Regardless of the Partner investment, a significant level of effort is required on Business Change and internal Administration, Ownership and Sponsorship
  • User Master Data – it drives everything​
  • Ensure Business Sponsorship & Operational requirements match the solution target outcome​
  • Keep it simple

ITSM & ITOM, better together

Last to the floor was Mark Revill, Advisory Solution Consultant for ServiceNow. Mark covered the fundamental reasons why ITSM and ITOM are better together. Starting with the CIO top priorities, Digital Transformation, Machine Learning and Cloud Adoption were noted as the key drivers for change – with the following challenges providing the biggest obstacles to delivering Services that enable these changes across IT:

  • Operating in silos
  • Erratic service availability
  • Poor user experience

Mark went on to note the strategic advantage of connecting Service with Infrastructure, looking at added automation and intelligence as well as delivering greater visibility and agility in IT operations.

By aligining ServiceNow ITSM and ITOM, Mark identified the business benefits to be a decrease in outages, time savings in priority response, an increase in efficieny gains and considerable annual savings. This was supported by a demo focusing on the automated and integrated approach to managing outages using the ServiceNow ITSM & ITOM solutions.

Get in touch

Although there was a lot to cover over the day, the roundtable format encouraged attendees to be involved from the go, asking company-specific questions and being involved in live-demonstrations of ServiceNow features still in their beta-stages.

If you missed our London event, be sure to keep an eye on our website, where we’ll release details of future events.

If you’ve liked what you’ve read here, get in touch with one of the Unifii team to discuss how we can help you

The Unifii TeamImprove Customer Service & Increase Automation across the Enterprise
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Join Unifii this April for an interactive seminar

On April 24th, we will be running an interactive seminar looking at how to enhance customer experience whilst improving service management delivery across the enterprise. This event is free to attend, but places are limited so be sure to register now to secure your spot.

With a host of experts on hand to offer advice about overcoming common challenges in creating your ITSM roadmap and share customer success stories, this is an event not to be missed. Speakers include representatives from Unifii, ServiceNow, Timico and Multiplex.

Taking place at Bounce, 241 Old Street, London, this seminar* will be split into two sessions. If you’re only available to join one of the sessions, you’re welcome to attend the one most relevant to you.


Our morning session will cover:

10:15-10:45 Registration     

10:45-11:00 Introduction to Unifii – Stephen Mamelok, Director, Unifii

11:00-11:45 The future of ITSM – Damien Davis, Product Management ITSM, ServiceNow

11:45-12:00 Unifii accelerated ServiceNow implementation – Myles Molloy, Head of Consulting, Unifii

12:00-12:30 Improving the customer experience with ServiceNow – Martin Riley, Technical Director, Timico

12:30-13:00 Performance analytics with ITSM – James Walters, Advisory Solution Consultant, EMEA, ServiceNow

13:00-13:30 Break for lunch


Our afternoon session will cover:

13:30-13:45 Aligning ITSM with DevOps – Mike Glock, Director, Unifii

13:45-14:15 Multiplex journey: A good time to reset – Scott Bailey, Global IT Service Manager, Multiplex

14:15-15:00 ITSM & ITOM, Better Together – Mark Revill, Advisory Solution Consultant – EMEA Alliances and Channels, ServiceNow

15:00-16:00 Wrap up and table discussions

16:00-late Networking, drinks, and the chance to discuss your specific IT processes with our team


This is the perfect event to hear about other clients’ ServiceNow journeys, gain insights about how to best utilise the ServiceNow platform and talk directly to experts and customers who have successfully implemented it in their businesses. You’ll also be able to discover how the ServiceNow platform can transform the speed and agility of your IT, help you gain control of your processes and full visibility of your business.

So, if you want to learn directly from industry experts, hear customer success stories and network with peers, register now to secure your spot.

*the Agenda may change. We will update on this blog and on the event page any changes if / as they occur.

The Unifii TeamJoin Unifii this April for an interactive seminar
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