Getting the Amazon experience in customer service

We have the app, we press the ‘one-click’ button and we wait for the delivery to arrive the very next day. That Amazon experience has become the benchmark for all customer service. Driving business strategies for every brand, companies are wanting to deliver a customer experience that is proactive, instantaneous and personalised.

But how can we adopt the ‘Amazon’ way to deliver a better customer experience?

To be Amazon you need to think like an Amazon employee

Tuned into customer experience, Amazon’s success is based on a customer-first mindset. Integrating a culture that fosters a performance driven environment, every employee feels compelled to contribute towards a more satisfying customer experience. They want to make the customer happy. They want to be part of the customer journey and they want to add to the innovation which drives the overall company.

It is this mentality which sets Amazon aside from other retailers. Moving away from a siloed customer-centric team, a company which adopts a customer-first mindset across all departments ensures a more rounded and understanding service that customers respond better to in the long run. From recruitment to HR, leadership to marketing, IT to logistics, business leaders need to consider the customer experience within every area of their business and focus on how continuous development can shape the overall delivery of their services.

Drive the experience by predicting the outcomes

Considering speed, quality and price, Amazon have helped make the customer shopping experience easier at every step. By understanding what their customers are looking for, how they want to receive it and predicting future purchases, Amazon is consistently innovating new ways to enhance the customer experience. From an easier way to purchase such as their ‘one-click’ facility, to proactively recommending products based on their shopping history, they never stop looking at ways to improve and proactively deliver services that will strengthen customer loyalties.

By taking the hassle out of ordering, paying and delivering goods, Amazon has instantly put customers in the driving seat. Controlling how they deliver services, platforms they respond to, pain points they need to address and riding the digital transformation wave, they understand how to drive experience by predicting the outcomes of their customer-s shopping experience.  Gaining a comprehensive view of their customers won’t just have a greater impact on productivity as well as customer retention but will solidify a company’s position within their industry.  By having a better understanding of what their audience wants and how they want to receive them, continuously re-evaluating how they deliver services is what keeps companies alive.

Customer Service Management

Setting the precedent for great customer service, the Amazon experience gives companies a benchmark to continuously improve and work off.  As customers become more demanding, wanting proactive services, instant chat facilities and quicker response times, the ability to proactively respond, resolve and deliver has made supporting the customer’s overall journey prevalent to a business’ longevity.

As certified ServiceNow & Fuze partners, Unifii is an enterprise level service management and automation company that combines the best customer service experience together with a technology-focused service.   Understanding the value of delivering a great customer service, and the impact poor engagement can have on businesses, their latest technology sets to bridge the gap between service delivery and customer satisfaction.

By integrating ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management (CSM) their latest suite goes beyond traditional customer service solutions to serve customers more effectively. Giving customers a choice of contact options through omni-channel engagement; the ability to automate simple requests, and deliver solutions via a comprehensive knowledge base, ServiceNow’s CSM provides a service that is effortless, connected and proactive.

Based on speed, agility and cost, the Amazon experience offers customers an innovative service that continuously improves the customer experience. This latest wave in technology advances enables companies to do just that.  Offering a seamless solution which connects the customer’s experience with the whole business, ServiceNow’s CSM enables companies to assign the right department to effectively engage, address, resolve and prevent issues from reoccurring.

Every department becomes customer-centric from the first point of contact.

By accelerating the customer’s journey through forward-thinking technology, ServiceNow’s CSM enables companies to consistently improve and deliver an innovative customer service. Transforming how customer’s needs are met one advance at a time!


sint-wpGetting the Amazon experience in customer service
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IT complexities resolved by ITSM

Drowning in IT complexities, swamped in ‘ideal’ data solutions and struggling to understand the how ITSM platforms can help current IT systems already in place?

Global enterprise service management and automation consultancy, Unifii, is radically changing how ITSM is integrated and managed in businesses across the globe.

Focused on simplicity, providing solutions that are tech & customer-centric, the ITSM specialists have dedicated their offering in aligning technology with business goals swiftly and effectively.

By simplifying IT service management solutions, Unifii’s ITSM service certainly offers businesses an approach that eliminates confusion and complexity! For more information on Unifii & their ITSM capabilities, visit

sint-wpIT complexities resolved by ITSM
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Votes are in; ITSM paves the way for better computing

Constantly feeling like you’re going against the tide in trying to convince key decision makers of the benefits of ITSM? Struggling with outdated IT systems and undervalued viewpoints of ITSM?

Enterprising service management and automation consultancy, Unifii, are taking the industry by storm; offering companies the perfect remedy for gaining a head start in computing migration.

From accelerating IT system support, independent of organisational size and scale, to eliminating the need of endless workshops; companies are offered direct IT service management which is easy to implement and control from the first point of delivery.

For more information on Unifii & their ITSM capabilities, visit

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Comprehensive ServiceNow health checks

Errors in the IT infrastructure; slow service restoration and service disruptions. Sound familiar?

Technology & customer centric consultancy, Unifii, is changing how ServiceNow challenges are resolved. Through their comprehensive Health Check, in-depth reviews of the technical configuration and process maturity of ServiceNow implementation offers companies solutions to an otherwise expensive core of IT pain points.

Assessing the non-code areas critical for implementation maturity and providing detailed reviews of the current state against best practice configuration and coding standards, Unifii’s solutions are not to be dismissed.

For more information on Unifii & their ITSM capabilities, visit

sint-wpComprehensive ServiceNow health checks
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Scale up your Configuration Management Systems without computer throwing!

Are your Configuration Management Systems platforms heading towards computer throwing competitions? Constantly faced with challenging configuration environments that don’t make things easy for you? Don’t despair.

Certified ServiceNow partners, Unifii have manufactured an agnostic Configuration Management Systems model helping businesses align technical data with IT systems and business strategies!

By supporting faster impact assessments within incidents and delivering a client-specific Target Operating Model, Unifii can prevent any unnecessary software (or hardware) damage!

Learn more about intelligent product configuration systems here:

sint-wpScale up your Configuration Management Systems without computer throwing!
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ITSM; a strategic asset for companies worldwide

Exponential data volumes and overburdened IT systems, ITSM has radically changed how data is delivered, managed and used within IT departments worldwide.

Simply put, ITSM not only enables the right processes, people and technology but gives businesses the ability to align all data with operational objectives, helping to:

  • Increase IT efficiencies and productivities
  • Strategically align IT processes with business goals
  • Better manage overall expectations zz
  • Reduce incidents
  • Integrate tools and processes as part of the end solution
  • Deliver self-serving capabilities

Designed to reduce costs and increase data value, Unifii, have created four key products which combine the ITSM offering and gives companies the ability to combine seamless process integration with tools that are easily, manageable and compatible with data capacities.

To learn more about ITSM benefits visit Unifii’s website:

sint-wpITSM; a strategic asset for companies worldwide
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