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As a ServiceNow reseller and implementation partner, we work with customers to ensure the right solutions are provided. From customer service management to intelligent applications, governance, risk & compliance to ITSM, we help our clients identify the right product licenses that suit their business need; simplifying business operations.

Offering flexible consulting services focused on your business outcomes we provide advisory services whilst carrying out configuration and development for complex point solutions. From technical reviews to highlight the key risks, developing a technical plan to providing appropriate recommendations our CaaS service is an all-round support service and action implementation solution.

Professional Services
Offering highly flexible professional services designed to help clients get the most out of their ServiceNow platform. With flexible access to a highly skilled team of ServiceNow professionals we offer solutions that leave you with a complete implementation that is ready to use and tailored to your needs.

From general ServiceNow platform training to one-on-one consultation, we don’t just integrate solutions which are easy to use but dedicate time and effort in supplying technology platforms which are easily adaptable and manageable. With a dedicated full-time team of Unifii employees we deliver training across all spectrums of services and products offered.

Managed Support
At Unifii we provide a comprehensive and cost-effective ServiceNow support service helping you to fix issues quickly and easily. From defects to incidents, requests to support services that are tailored towards your needs our managed support service offers flexibility and cost-efficiency designed with you in mind.

Managing ITIL and ITSM projects since 2010, we have enabled clients to integrate advanced automation tools including predictive analysis and the ability to optimise operations.

As a certified ServiceNow partner, the scope and flexibility of the ServiceNow platform also enables integrated processes across IT and the business. Coupled with automation, significant savings of time and cost can be realised in a matter of weeks!

We believe our clients should be able to leverage our collective experience and not be asked to reinvent the wheel. We have built a number of tools to help ensure we can understand the health of an existing instance, deliver a project more quickly or ensure the integrity of the solution in the future!

ServiceNow Health Check
The Unifii ServiceNow Health Check is a comprehensive and in-depth review of the technical configuration and process maturity of your ServiceNow implementation.

Run remotely, with no impact to your ServiceNow instance, our Health Check undertakes a detailed review of the current state implementation against best practice configuration and coding standards.

Base Builds
We offer base builds which have been designed to be highly flexible and configurable to your requirements enabling a bespoke solution that is just right for you.

Addressing a range of implementation challenges, our implementation approach allows you to assess conflicts based on a list of affected services and configuration items. By providing a reusable state control capability, our base builds continuously enrich your platform, allowing you to define valid transitions from open to working in progress or resolved.


As of May 2018, organisational processes and procedures need to be aligned with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). ServiceNow has a number of capabilities within its GRC module which may be useful for customers. However some customers find their requirements can be met more simplistically with our GDPR Service Catalogue.

Our GDPR Service Catalogue provides a range of processes and tools to help with compliance and audit, success measurement and increasing traceability.

Integration Engine
Unifii’s Integration Engine facilitates the ability to pass ticket information between ServiceNow and other systems. With the capability to operate a robust integration architecture, it also offers you the ability to scale and manage, easily and effectively.

Quick to set up, the Integration Engine provides a single point of management for multiple data driven integrations with the ability to validate, correct and reprocess transactions without the need for external tools.

Certified ServiceNow Partners

Unifii is an enterprise level service management and automation consultancy, giving businesses the ability to streamline processes, align business objectives and meeting business goals, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our customer and solution focused services offer clients:

  • Consultative approaches
  • Solutions built for their needs
  • Tech-based & customer-centric focus
  • Competitive, agile and responsive systems

Service Now Accelerated Implementation

Service Management Process Design

CMDB Design and Optimisation