Forward-thinking technology that unifies communication and supports mobile workforces

With over 37% of workers in Europe working from home, 50-60% of employees working on the move and 72% of the ‘app generation’ believing that having the latest technology is important when starting work; businesses are having to accommodate quickly and efficiently. (taken from eBook – How to Prepare for the Modern, Mobile Workforce).

As technology demands increases, the need to facilitate communication expectations becomes greater than ever. From the travelling employee to the CEO whose time is constrained by operational activity and on-the go meetings, and not least the new wave in tech generation who expect instant communication and collaboration, user friendly platforms are needed to accommodate all scenarios.

Through tech savvy and innovation experts, Unifii’s long-standing partnership with voice and collaborator leaders, Fuze, their latest communication solution enables businesses to access, utilise and control using a cloud-based platform.

Eradicating time-wasting exercises such as long-winded dial-ins, tedious log-ins to deciphering the latest password encryption to get onto the next conference call, the Fuze platform consolidates communication channels giving businesses time and cost savings with better access and control from any location at any one time.    Perfect for the mobile worker!

By simplifying how staff communicate across the whole business in a virtual area that is easily accessible and manageable, Fuze offers the functionality to adapt and deliver, utilise and centralise communication, giving businesses the opportunity to evolve, internally and externally.

Forward thinking technology that drives innovation and consolidates communication on the cloud.


UnifiiForward-thinking technology that unifies communication and supports mobile workforces